We've provided answers to some of the regular questions we get asked, if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

What is Fibreconnect?

Fibreconnect is an ultrafast gigabit capable full fibre service provided by Wildcard Networks using the latest GPON fibre technology.

What is FTTP?

FTTP (Fibre to the Premise) or "full fibre" is where the Internet connection to your property is delivered using fibre optic cable instead of using a traditional copper-based telephone line. Thus freeing you from the limitations of outdated copper infrastructure and its impacts including slow speeds and interference, therefore, increasing connection reliability.

What is the difference between FTTP and FTTC?

The majority of broadband services marketed as fibre are only part fibre, they use slow copper cabling from the fibre street cabinet to connect to the property (Known as FTTC). FTTP (Fibre to the Premise) replaces the dated copper connections to your building and uses a full fibre link to connect directly to your property, it’s future-proof offering gigabit speeds and it's the next-generation of Internet access.

Why should I choose Fibreconnect?

By choosing our ultrafast Fibreconnect Broadband service you will benefit from a wide range of advantages that include:

  • Faster internet speeds with lightning-fast downloads - Download time is significantly reduced using our full fibre service, cloud services will be quicker and more responsive, your time will be more productive. If you're using our service at home, say goodbye to buffering during your favourite box-sets, and enjoy ultra low latency gaming!
  • Fast upload speeds - Our upload speeds are greater than traditional broadband services, you’ll be able to send information to cloud services quicker, upload videos in a snap and send files/documents to cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox much faster.
  • Do more with your connection - The extra bandwidth available make the service ideal for using VoIP (IP telephones) and HD video calling.
  • A more reliable service - Our full-fibre service uses fibre-optic technology direct to your premise rather than dated copper cabling which typically suffered from degraded service due to line-length or line-quality. We don’t have those issues.

How do I get Fibreconnect Broadband?

Use our availability checker to see if we are rolling out in your area or already live. If we are live in your area simply complete our online order form to place your order.

In some areas we may be asking for pre-registration, this is to establish demand for our service. The pre-registration does not constitude an order, we will simply use the details provided to validate the pre-registration and to let you know when we go live to allow you to place an order, sometimes we'll also provide additional incentives for customers who have pre-registered!

What package is right for me?

This will depend on several factors including how many people are using the internet connection and what the internet connection will be used for. Using broadband for web surfing/email will not require much bandwidth as uploading and downloading large media files, such as video and audio. You can always contact our team on 0333 344 90 95 to help you decide what is best for you. You are also free to change between your packages within contract.

What contract lengths are available?

If you wish to sign up to our ultrafast broadband service, we have a selection of contracts that you can choose from, the options will be shown on the packages available within your area.

What happens if a customer leaves a contract early, is there any early termination fees?

Due to the significant capital costs in deploying the solution, we will require customers to be bound to a minimum duration contract. If the customer cancels within the contract a fee equivalent to 80% of the remaining payments due under the contract will be payable.

Does the service have an install cost or setup fee?

In some areas installation fee will be payable on the 12-month contract with a free install on longer term contract term. The installation fee is subject to a site survey before commencing installation, should additional install costs apply you are under no obligation to continue with the order.

Do I need a BT phone line?

You do not need a BT phone line to use our Fibreconnect Broadband. The service will be delivered directly to your home or business via fibre optic cabling which will be installed as part of your order.

How do you provide the service and what impact will the service have on roads and the area around me?

Where possible we provide the service using existing ducts and poles in your area. We are one of a limited number of providers in the UK authorised to use Openreach network to deliver our services. We may need to install a street cabinet in your area, this cabinet houses our fibre optic distribution equipment and typically serves many properties. The cabinet is typically located on a verge or footpath nearby and with consideration for the local environment.

In some areas we may utilise a third-party networks to deliver your services, such as CityFibre. This ensures minimal impact on the local environment and a more rapid installation.

How long will it take to install the service?

Typically we aim to complete works within 2-3 weeks of you placing the order if we are already rolled out in your area. This can take longer if we need to install new infrastructure and we will keep you up-to-date as we progress.

What happens after I place my order?

Once an order has been placed we will book an appointment for our Installation team to visit your premise to conduct a survey if required. This is to agree the best route for any cabling and to confirm where you would like the service presented to. Sometimes we can also install on the same day if it's a straightforward installation.

Following the survey, our egineers will install a fibre optic cable connected to our network directly to your premise, this will terminate in a small wall box inside your property. Installation duration can vary due to various factors that can affect the complexity of installation.

Will I have no internet during the change from my previous supplier?

No. As our ultrafast Fibreconnect Broadband service is delivered over a dedicated fibre optic cable separate to any existing copper connections, your service should not be interrupted. We would recommend that you cancel your existing broadband service after your new Fibreconnect installation has been completed to ensure you maintain internet service.

Can I use my own router?

As part of the Fibreconnect service, we will provide the latest Wi-Fi 6 wireless router suitable for your broadband service, this has been tested and performs well with our service. However, you can if you wish, use your router. Please contact our helpful team on 0333 344 90 95 to confirm if it is compatible and the requirements to support our broadband service.

Will Fibreconnect work with my network equipment and services?

Fibreconnect is designed to be a typical Internet connection and should work with most equipment and services without any specific configuration, however, some equipment/services may require reconfiguring. In this instance, we recommend you consult an IT support specialist/company or the equipment/services installation manual.

What about the speeds. Are these what I can expect and do you guarantee them?

The package speeds quoted are expected speeds - we would expect you to achieve these speeds on our packages at your premises using a wired ethernet connection to the router provided with a device that is capable of the quoted speeds with no other users on your network using the service.

Fibreconnect packages also include our speed guarantee. If your expected speed consistently drops below the expected speed for three consecutive days and we can't resolve the issue within 30 days of you notifying us, you can exit the contract or choose to accept a discount on your service fee.

Speeds can vary based upon internal issues -such as using Wi-Fi (we would recommend using a wired connection between your devices where possible), and other bandwidth usage within the property, as well as the general capacity to your area. As the technology we deploy is fibre-based - line length and quality issues don't play a factor as traditional copper-based based broadband (which typically cause the majority of speed issues). Contention and capacity from our core network to your area will be monitored to ensure any congestion is minimised.

Are there any download usage limits?

No, the service provided doesn't include any transfer allowances or usage limits.

How do I get support once I'm connected?

Customers can contact our support staff via phone on 0333 344 90 95 (Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm, Saturday 9am-1pm), or by email at Our team is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, you will be connected directly to our team. You will not be transferred to a call-centre.